Eye diseases

Retinal Detachment


The retina is a thin layer of tissue located in the back of the eye. The retina transmits light to the brain, with the help of the optic nerve, to create images. If it is detached, the retina stops working properly and the brain can not transform light signals into vision. When it occurs, a person could have severe loss of vision, depending on the degree of the detachment.

A retinal detachment is a condition that is considered serious and requires rapid intervention.

You should know that Bellevue clinics have all the latest technologies available to diagnose and monitor retinal detachment cases.

Anatomie de l'oeil


Light flashes


Poor vision

Loss of sight


Surgical intervention

Risk Factors

Myopia (especially when serious)

Eye trauma


Following a vitreous detachment (which can usually occur to people over 50 years old)