Vision Correction

Custom Bladeless LASIK

What is a Bladeless Laser Surgery for Vision Correction?

Unlike standard LASIK, which uses a microkeratome (a bladed instrument) to create an incision in the cornea, custom bladeless LASIK uses a 100% laser technique thanks to the femtosecond laser. This method reduces the risk of complications and offers better accuracy and increased safety.

After the flap is cut from the cornea, both techniques use an excimer laser to reshape the cornea to correct vision.

One of the advantages of all-laser LASIK is that it allows for a smaller flap incision, which makes it more suitable for people with thinner corneas. Standard LASIK is used in people who have average sized corneas and pupils.

The custom aspect of our laser surgery is possible with topography technology that allows your eye doctor to take precise measurements that will allow them to shape the surgery to your image. Thus, you will benefit from an optimal vision correction.

Enjoy Laser Vision Correction and Pay in 24 Months, Interest-Free*.

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Am I Eligible for LASIK Surgery?

The vast majority of people are eligible for laser eye surgery. However, several factors can influence your eligibility, including your age or your general health.

The best way to find out whether or not you are eligible for surgery is to book an appointment for a free evaluation with our refractive surgery specialists.


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State-Of-The-Art Technology

All our clinics are equipped with the latest technologies to offer the best services.

An Experienced Team

Our laser surgeries are performed by an experienced team of corneologists specialized in refractive operations.

Flexible Payment Options

Make your surgery payments over several months with our flexible financing options.

Insurance and Touch-up Warranty for up to 2 Years*

*Insurance for touch-up is available at an additional cost.


Free evaluation

The price of a LASIK intervention varies according to the level of intensity of the visual correction required. Get a free evaluation to know the total cost of your surgery without any hidden fees.

Plus, pay no tax on the total price of your surgery.

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