Laser Treatment

Bellevue clinics are equipped with several laser technologies for the treatment of eye diseases

Laser Capsulotomy

Laser capsulotomy can treat opacification of the posterior capsule, which can occur a few years or months after a cataract surgery.

Capsular opacification results from an accumulation of debris on the posterior capsule (part of the lens still present after the cataract surgery). This accumulation usually causes a decline in vision.

During capsulotomy, the surgeon creates an opening in the capsule to remove the debris and allow you to regain better vision.

Iridotomy Laser

The IL laser, or Iridotomy, is a preventive treatment that is recommended for people with narrow iridocorneal angles.

When left untreated, narrow iridocorneal angles can cause an acute glaucoma attack.

Laser iridotomy is the creation of a microscopic hole in the iris, which subsequently allows the aqueous humor to circulate freely in this new passage that has just been created.

SLT Laser

The SLT laser, or Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, is one of the possible treatments to reduce intraocular pressure. This laser consists of a treatment lasting only a few minutes, without pain, under local anesthesia (drops). It consists of stimulating the trabeculum of the eye with the help of a light beam in order to allow the aqueous humor to circulate more easily. At the same time, it helps to lower the intraocular pressure.

Photocoagulation Laser

A laser used for the treatment of certain retinal diseases.

The Advantages of Surgery At Bellevue Ophthalmology Clinic

Minimal waiting time

A guaranteed operation date

A personalized, efficient and safe postoperative care


Preoperative evaluation

Preoperative preparation


Postoperative follow-up

The Bellevue ophthalmology clinic provides state-of-the-art laser treatment services to its patients. Our modern facilities, cutting-edge equipment and experienced staff ensure effective, professional and personalized care.

*We also operate patients NON-RESIDENTS of Canada.