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Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the anatomy of the eye and its disorders. In fact, there are several ocular pathologies that require the expertise of a physician. The ophthalmologist specializes in the prevention, detection, diagnosis, surgery and treatment of these diseases.

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Glaucoma is a type of optic neuropathy. It is a disease of the optic nerve, usually caused by elevated intraocular pressure.

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Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid that causes itches, burning and redness. It can also cause a deformation of the eyelid.

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Cataracts occur when the crystalline (the natural lens of the eye) – which is usually clear – becomes more opaque.

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Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes. It triggers an increase in permeability of the blood vessels of the retina, which subsequently cause hemorrhages and exudates.

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The crystalline lens can adjust its focal strength to match several distances; this process is called accommodation. It happens through a change in the shape of the lens.


Astigmatism is a fairly frequent corneal abnormality, which is when the shape of the eye is not only irregular, but shaped like a football. In some cases, it is caused by an irregular crystalline.


A retinal detachment is considered to be a severe condition and requires immediate treatment. This disease may cause important problems.

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If the length of the eye is too long in relation to the focal power of the cornea and lens, images will be blurred.

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When we say that someone has dry eyes, it means that the quantity or quality, of a person's tears are insufficient enough to cause discomfort.

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The angles formed by the junction of the iris and the cornea are too narrow. If untreated, the angles may close and cause acute glaucoma.


Epiphora is the medical term used to describe an adnormal and persistent overflow of tears in the eye.

Dégénérescence maculaire

Macular degeneration affects the retina, specifically the region of the macula. A person with this disease has reduced vision.

The palpebral lesion concerns any affection, benign or malignant, located on the eyelids.

Ptotsis is the medical term used to describe sagging of the upper eyelid.

The ectropion is defined as an outward sag, or eversion, of the edge of the eyelid.

In contrast to ectropion, entropion is defined as an inward turning of the eyelid.

Phthisis bulbis, or atrophy of the eye, is the terminal stage of several serious diseases of the eye.

La lésion palpébrale concerne toute affection, bénigne ou maligne, située sur les paupières.

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