Dry Eye Treatment Clinics

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Quick Management and Optimal Diagnosis Solutions

From the first clinic appointment, patients fill out a questionnaire in order to properly target their needs. Then, they must pass 4 diagnostic exams to fully understand their situation.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology equipment and advanced treatment options, our optometrists target the causes of dry eye. This enables personalized approaches, customized treatment plans, and optimal follow-up.

Dry eye clinics are available within the Bellevue Clinic itself. Among our medical team, mainly made up of ophthalmologists, we find several optometrists who offer their services.

Patients with dry eye syndrome are generally considered to be people with chronic disease. Therefore, constant and rigorous monitoring is necessary.

A Complete Plan That Will Meet Your Needs

Optimal Solutions

Advanced Technologies

Rigourous Follow-Up

  • Osmolarity Test*

    The IPen is an electronic diagnostic device for measuring osmolarity (concentration of salts dissolved in a solution).

  • Meibomiam Glands Scan

    Provides a picture of the glands that secrete the oily layer of tears. Deficiency of these glands is one of the most common causes of dry eye.

  • Corneal Topography and Aberrometry*

    Allows visualization of corneal irregularities, tear film integrity and its distribution on the ocular surface.

  • Meniscometry Test*

    Measures the amount of tears in the eyes to determine if there is an overproduction or a shortage.

*These services are offered by optometrists and are not covered by the RAMQ.

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IPL Treatment: Relieving Dry Eyes With Pulsed Light

IPL treatment (Intense Pulsed Light), is a new solution offered by our optometrists for the care of dry eyes.
Clinique de soins en sécheresse oculaire

Dry Eye Treatment Clinic

The dry eye treatment clinic is available within the Bellevue clinics and is a specialized service for dry eyes offered by our optometrists.

LipiFlow® Treatment: An Efficient Solution for Dry Eyes

LipiFlow® treatment uses thermal pulsation technology that heats up and clears these blockages in just 12 minutes. This is a painless procedure and performed under local anesthesia (eye drops).
gouttes oculaires

Preservative-free Eye Drops

Sometimes, preservatives play a necessary role, but when there is a preservative-free alternative, it is often wise to choose it. It is especially true in the case of eye drops.
La sécheresse oculaire : un problème répandu

Dry Eyes: A Common Condition

Dry eyes are a relatively common eye condition that targets mostly people over the age of 40. For some people, this problem can be serious and require consultation with an ophthalmologist.