Dry eye clinics are available within the Bellevue Clinic itself. Among our medical team, mainly made up of ophthalmologists, we find several optometrists who offer their services.

Patients with dry eye syndrome are generally considered to be people with chronic disease. Therefore, constant and rigorous monitoring is necessary.


From the first clinic appointment, patients fill out a questionnaire in order to properly target their needs. Then, they must pass 4 diagnostic exams to fully understand their situation.

  • IPen* (osmolarity test)

    The IPen is an electronic diagnostic device for measuring osmolarity (concentration of salts dissolved in a solution).

  • OCT*

    Measures the amount of tears in the lacrimal meniscus.

  • OPDScan*

    Allows you to see the distribution of the tear film on the cornea. It is also a visual aid in explaining the state of the tear film to the patient.

  • Tape meniscometry test*

    Quantitative tear function test.

*These services are offered by optometrists and are not covered by the RAMQ.

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