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Eyelash Extensions: a Danger to Your Eyes?

Who does not dream of having beautiful voluminous eyelashes? Eyelash extensions are gaining popularity, but are they really safe for the health of your eyes? It is normal that many people covet this new trend for its practical side. Applying eyelash extensions may, in fact, seem more functional than the use of traditional makeup.

However, it is important to remember that, like all parts of the body, eyelashes have a role to play. Hairs at the ends of our eyelids act as a protective barrier to prevent sweat and foreign bodies from coming into contact with the eye.

Although there are currently no regulations in Canada to determine who is entitled to apply eyelash extensions and which products should be used, it is important to inform yourself before making any decision. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends to:

  • Check the technician's certification and make sure she is experienced;
  • Ensure that the pose is done in a sanitary and reputable facility;
  • Ensure that the technician is washing hands well and that the instruments have been properly disinfected;
  • Check the ingredients of the adhesive before use.

Issues related to these extensions can range from mild inflammation to permanent vision loss.

The possible risks of eyelash extensions

The procedure itself is risky, hence the importance of choosing an experienced aesthetician. When laying, the environment and the instruments used must be sanitary to avoid possible infection. It should not be forgotten that sharp objects will be used very close to the eye to perform the pose. Infections can also come from an eye injury during the visit.

In addition to possible infections, eyelash extensions carry risks of allergic reactions. These can be the result of allergens contained in the glue used to put the fake eyelashes. It is therefore recommended to use hypoallergenic products. Allergic reactions can trigger pain, irritation, redness and inflammation. In addition, damage to the lachrymal gland and Meibomian glands around the eyes can reduce the amount of tears produced and thus cause dry eye.

Pulling and scrubbing eyelashes are also unsuitable practices that can cause irreversible damage to eyelash follicles.

Our advices

Our advice would be to simply avoid eyelash extensions and opt for a less risky solution such as the use of mascara. However, we know that many people will continue to opt for this new trend. If you still want to go ahead with fake eyelashes, do not forget to inform yourself about the expertise and reputation of the chosen aesthetic center and the products used.

If you suffer from a complication due to eyelash extensions, do not try to treat yourself. Instead, contact your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.