IPL Treatment: Relieving Dry Eyes With Pulsed Light

IPL treatment (Intense Pulsed Light), is a new solution offered by our optometrists for the care of dry eyes. Historically, IPL has been used in dermatology to lighten the skin and improve vascular or pigmented lesions, but when used near the eyelids, it can help diminish the signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Who is this treatment for?

IPL treatment has a proven effect mainly in patients who have dysfunction in the Meibomian glands which are responsible for producing tears. IPL decreases inflammation of the eyelids, prevents the appearance of styes and chalazions, and reduces the symptoms of ocular rosacea.

An eligibility form containing all contraindications will be completed prior to obtaining treatment to ensure patient eligibility.

What does an IPL treatment session involve?

First, a layer of ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area to optimize light penetration into the skin and the eyes are covered by protective shells. A pulsed light with controlled power and wavelength is then applied to the areas of the face adjacent to the eyes. Its role is to target harmful blood vessels and other inflammatory factors that interfere with tear production.

The treatment is painless and is completed in less than 15 minutes. In general, three to four sessions will be necessary at an interval of 3 weeks for optimal effectiveness.

Make an appointment with our optometrists

IPL treatment does not require a request for medical consultation. You can make an appointment online by clicking here or by calling us at (514)-360-5703.