Am I Eligible for Laser Vision Correction?


Why Are Some People Unable to Get Laser Eye Surgery?

The vast majority of people who make an appointment at the Bellevue Eye Clinic are eligible for some type of vision correction surgery. However, our doctors take care to choose the candidates carefully to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation. Here are some reasons why you might not get LASIK or any other type of laser vision correction:

Your General Health

Certain eye conditions such as severe dry eye, inflammation or infection of the eye can reduce your chances of being eligible for surgery.

Certain rheumatological conditions, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, may also influence your candidacy. Other types of diseases unrelated to the eye may also be contraindicated. You will be able to obtain more information about them during your preoperative check-up.

An inadequate cornea

The thickness and shape of the cornea play a crucial role in eligibility for a LASIK procedure. However, thanks to the technologies offered by our clinics, the majority of people can obtain surgery that suits them, and this, in complete safety, even when their cornea is irregular.


Pregnant people are not eligible for laser surgery, however, you can still take a preoperative exam to validate your eligibility for an appointment after your delivery.

Prior to the procedure, you will be required to complete an extensive preoperative questionnaire in addition to undergoing several medical exams to confirm your eligibility and obtain the safest and most effective laser vision correction for your needs. The points listed above are only a brief summary of the eligibility criteria.

Clinique Bellevue

The vast majority of people are eligible for laser surgery for vision correction. However, several factors can influence your eligibility, including your age or your general health.

The best way to find out whether or not you are eligible for surgery is to schedule a free evaluation with our shrink surgery specialists.

Most of the time, in the event of ineligibility following the evaluation, equally effective and safe alternative solutions will be offered to you in order to free you from your glasses or contact lenses.

Did You Know That Around 90% of People Are Eligible For Laser Vision Correction?


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