LASIK: Laser Vision Correction Surgery

Newly offered at the Belllevue Clinic, the laser vision correction surgery is a very popular way to get rid of your glasses, especially if you are young. In order to offer the best to its patients, Bellevue Clinic only has bladeless LASIK surgery, also known as iLASIK.

What Happens During the Surgery?

During a typical LASIK procedure, the surgeon uses a precision instrument, called a microkeratome, to create a thin corneal flap. Unlike this traditional operation, the iLASIK creates the flap using the femtosecond laser. This method allows you to create thinner flaps, while obtaining ideal precision for a better result.

The iLASIK procedure consists of two main steps: the creation of the flap and the remodeling of the cornea.

Since no blade is used to perform this procedure, some patients feel more comfortable with this type of surgery.

This procedure is recommended for people aged between 18 and 40 who want to free themselves from their glasses or contact lenses.

Who Is the iLASIK Surgery For?

Individuals with one or more of the following conditions are not eligible:

  • Ocular infection or inflammation;
  • Severe dry eye syndrome;
  • Certain rheumatological conditions (such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis);
  • Degenerative cornea disease;
  • Inadequate corneal tissue;
  • Pregnant;
  • Weight above 400 pounds.

Book an Appointment for a LASIK surgery

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If you are over 40, phacorefractive surgery might be a better vision correction option for you.