Our LASIK Financing Plans


Benefit From Our Flexible Payment Options!

  • 24 months interest-free
  • Pay in 60 months*

Financing plans offered by Flexiti.
Interest-free financing plans cannot be combined with any ongoing promotions.
*The 60-month financing plan is offered at a low interest rate.

Bellevue ophthalmology clinics aim to make laser eye surgery more affordable to everyone by offering financing plans.

Plus, you don't have to pay any taxes on your operation.

The Evaluation Is Free.

Do you wish to confirm your eligibility for eye surgery? Make an appointment online with our specialists.

The price of a LASIK intervention varies according to the level of intensity of the visual correction required. Get a free evaluation to know the total cost of your surgery without any hidden costs.

Payment Options

We accept virtually all methods of payment for our laser surgeries: cash, credit or debit card and certified check. If you would like to pay for your operation in another way, you can contact our team to discuss this.

Are You Part of a Group or Private Insurance Plan?

Ask your insurance provider if laser vision correction is covered under your plan.