The Importance of Medical Consent

One of the fundamental principles of medicine is based on the relationship of trust between the doctor and his patients. It is our duty, as healthcare professionals, to present information on the care and treatment offered to patients in a clear and precise manner. It also implies that patients are well informed about their medical condition.

What is medical consent?

Medical consent is a principle by which a person agrees to receive medical care that has been recommended to them by a medical professional. It goes without saying that the person can also refuse the said care if that is their wish.

When we say that consent must be free, that is to say that a person must be able to express their freedom to accept or refuse the surgery, treatment or care offered. In addition, consent must be given in a non-binding framework where the treating staff does not exert any pressure on the person.

When we say that consent must be informed, this implies that the person must be well informed about the different options available to them. The health care professional must provide all the information about the treatment, such as possible side effects or expected results, so that the decision is made in full knowledge. The physician must also ensure that the patient fully understands his diagnosis or illness in order to recognize the relevance of the medical care recommended.

How do Bellevue ophthalmology clinics ensure the free and informed consent of its patients?

First, our medical staff gives each patient the time necessary to provide all the information required and answer their questions, whether about their medical condition or treatment options. Then, when surgery or treatment is recommended, we provide comprehensive documentation that includes all preoperative and postoperative instructions as well as possible adverse effects following the procedure.
In addition, before each surgery or treatment, patients must sign a consent form that reiterates all the information given beforehand. In this way, we ensure that the patient's journey is made understandable from start to finish.

How to make an appointment at the Bellevue ophthalmology clinic?

Although certain types of appointments require a request for an ophthalmology consultation obtained by a health professional, we also offer services that do not require one. To find out more, you can click here to make an appointment online or call us at (514) 256-0007.