Dr Nicolas Cadet

Oculoplastic ophthalmologist

Eye and facial plastic surgery specialist

Dr Nicolas Cadet

You can fully trust Dr. Cadet to help your natural beauty shine. After all, you are a sight of beauty! ™

Dr. Nicolas Cadet is the first ophthalmologist of African descent who is subspecialized in oculoplastic surgery in Canada. Dr. Cadet practices ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery at Verdun Hospital and in reputable clinics.

Dr Cadet obtained his medical degree from McGill University and he completed his residency in eye surgery (ophthalmology) at the University of Montreal. Then, he completed a fellowship in aesthetic and reconstructive oculofacial plastic surgery, orbital and lacrimal surgery at McMaster University in the Greater Toronto area with Dr. Yasser Khan.

Dr. Cadet has been awarded over 20 scholarships and prizes for his academic achievements and community involvement. He has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals and he presents regularly at national and international conferences.

Dr Cadet is of Canadian-Haitian origin and he is passionate about giving back to the community. Since 2014, Dr. Cadet organizes a free annual glaucoma and ocular health screening in Montreal-North. Furthermore, he has organized and participated in numerous oculoplastic and ophthalmological surgery missions to provide care for underserved populations on 3 continents. Dr. Cadet and his family promote holistic
health in the community through the Cadet Foundation.

Dr. Cadet endeavors to make aesthetic medicine and surgery more inclusive and diverse considering the multiple models of beauty that ethnic and multi-facetted diversity grace us with.

Dr. Cadet is calm, attentive, meticulous, and innovative. He adopts a refreshing and holistic approach when he creates an individualized treatment plan for you. Dr. Cadet takes the time to listen to you to better understand your desires and your objectives. When Dr. Cadet rejuvenates your eyelids and your face, he is treating all of you.

No two facial surgeries or injections that he does for a client are truly the same because you are unique. You can fully trust Dr. Cadet to help your natural beauty shine. After all, you area sight of beauty! ™

Dr. Cadet speaks French, English, Haitian Creole, as well as some conversational Spanish and basic Mandarin Chinese.

He specializes in evaluating and performing oculoplastic surgeries, including :

  • Facial and eye pathologies, such as: palpebral ptosis, ectropion, entropion, eyelid retraction, benign and malignant palpebral lesions and forehad lift;
  • Lacrymal pathologies, such as: watery eyes, endonasal DCR, external DCR and Jones tubes;
  • Orbital and varia pathologies, such as: proptosis, Graves' disease and other orbital inflammations, painful phthisis bulbi, orbital decompressions, removal of orbital tumors, eviscerations/enucleations, etc.;
  • Cosmetic procedures, such as:  blepharoplasty, botox, fillers, etc.