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How does the iLASIK procedure differs from the standard LASIK surgery ?

The iLASIK procedure consists of two main steps: the creation of the flap and the reshaping of the cornea. The iLASIK differs from the regular LASIK in the way the flap is created. During the standard LASIK procedure, the surgeon uses a precision instrument, called a microkeratome, to create a thin corneal flap. With iLASIK, the shutter is created using the femtosecond laser. This procedure is also sometimes called "bladeless LASIK". In order to offer only the best for its clientele, only iLASIK is available at Bellevue Clinic.

A blade-free laser surgery

The microkeratome used in most LASIK procedures is suitable for patients with medium corneas and medium sized pupils. The microkeratome has been used on millions of people over the past 20 years. The iLASIK allows you to create thinner flaps as needed while achieving the best possible results. Since no blade is used to perform this procedure, some patients are more comfortable with it.

If you are 40 years old or more, the phacorefractive surgery could be a better solution for your vision correction.