Custom Bladeless LASIK & Standard LASIK : What Are the Differences?

Have you finally opted for laser surgery to correct your vision, but you are not sure you understand the differences between the types of surgery? Your optometrist probably recommended LASIK to you, but did you know that there are various forms of this laser operation? We will explain the main distinctions between two types of most common laser operations, standard LASIK and custom LASIK.

Standard LASIK

At first, this technique is a surgical procedure that consists of creating a flap in the cornea. The amount of tissue to be removed is determined during your preoperative evaluation. The creation of this flap is done mechanically thanks to a precision instrument called the microkeratome.

Once the flap has been created, an excimer laser treatment is performed to reshape your cornea to correct your vision permanently.

The operation is painless and short. It can be used to correct myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and even, in some cases, presbyopia.

Custom Bladeless LASIK

Just like the standard method, custom LASIK aims to reshape the cornea to correct vision. However, using topography technology, your ophthalmologist will be able to take precise measurements that will allow them to shape the surgery just for you. Necessarily, this means that the correction parameters will not be the same for both eyes, and thus, you will benefit from optimal surgery.

In addition, the flap will not be cut manually, but with a femtosecond laser. This is why we also call this type of surgery, 100% laser LASIK. Being less intrusive, patients will often prefer this surgery to standard LASIK, although it is also a safe method.

Another feature of Custom LASIK is that the procedure is available to more candidates due to the more precise settings. For example, a person who has a cornea that is too thin cannot obtain standard LASIK since the amount of tissue in the cornea to be removed is greater than with the 100% laser method.

Once the operation is complete, the flap is replaced on your cornea, without stitches. The laser treatment time varies depending on the importance of your visual defect to be corrected, but generally does not exceed one minute. Visual recovery takes place quickly and you will be able to see well the next day.

In order to offer our patients the best possible treatments, be aware that personalized LASIK (100% laser) is the only LASIK-type surgery offered in our clinics. It offers higher levels of precision, security and predictability than the standard technique.

How do I make an appointment for laser surgery at Bellevue Eye Clinics?

If you wish to benefit from the expertise of our corneologists, our clinics offer a free evaluation during which the entire procedure of the surgery will be explained to you. You can now book your appointment online or call us at (514) 360-5703.